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To a madman I'm treasure, and to the sane world?

~ Check my watermark for authenticity ~

15 August 1978
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I'm a mother of one but it often feels like so much more. The apple of my eye, the thorn in my side... this is a mother daughter relationship.

Strong, nurturing, testing...Beautiful~

***Welcome to my mind's stomping ground which is quite liable to retain silliness, ranting, and emotions of extremes. Don't forget the general quipping.***

I bitch... get over it

"...I hate stiffy stifersons. I want to prank them for hours in my basement."

-Christopher Walken, SNL Best of Christopher Walken

"If you measured people's egos by ramming an equally large object up their ass we'd all be in a better place right now"

-Devin, The Best of Me Everyday